outreach & mentorship

A summary of my efforts in DEI

NLP With Friends

I also co-organize NLP With Friends, a seminar series where we chat about NLP research. We are always looking for speakers (who are currently students at any stage) who want to present and get feedback from the community. Feel free to nominate yourself (link in website) or email us at nlpwithfriends@gmail.com.

Women Who Code Delhi

From 2017-2022, I was a co-Director of Women Who Code Delhi. I still actively keep tabs on their activities, however the organization is now led by a wonderful group of women and allies. Reach out to them via delhi@womenwhocode.com if you want to get involved in activities or know more about events conducted!


I am grateful to my own mentors that led to me where I am right now. For this reason, I am always willing to help anyone who reaches out to me! I have been honoured to mentor people who have put their faith in me to help them through research, grad school or general career-related guidance (whatever limited I am qualified for). I make sure to spend atleast 5 hours a week on mentorship activities, specifically for people belonging to underrepresented communities. On a general note, if you want to seek guidance about anything – email me! For guidance in specific areas, see below.

Research Mentorship

Currently, my bandwidth to mentor new students for research is full. Ideally, if you are an Undergrad or MS student at USC, hiring for our lab usually takes place if my advisor recruits you to work on a project. However, feel free to email me and we can find a fit based on your interests and experience.

Also, do check out the fabulous USC NLP Group. USC NLP has the best faculty and PhD students I have ever known, who work on some of the most interesting projects I have ever seen. If we don’t get a chance to work together, I am sure you will find the best fit for yourself!

Grad School Mentorship

I am always happy to help with grad school applications. Before you reach out, please know that I have personal experience in research-based Masters and PhD applications only. I would be limited in capability to mentor for other grad school programs (like MS CS or other niche programs). However, feel free to email me with your doubts and I’ll try to help in any way possible!

Note: It would be a huge time-saver for both of us if you can do some background study on grad school applications so that you can ask me targetted doubts, rather than me spelling out everything. Some resources I found particularly helpful during my grad school application process – Student Perspectives on Applying to NLP PhD Programs, Kalpesh Krishna’s GRE and TOEFL prep experiences, Kalpesh Krishna’s compilation of Grad School Resources.

General Guidance

I usually prefer to setup short 30 min calls to get to know you and talk to you. Feel free to email me your queries so that I can be prepared 😄


List of my past (and present) mentees that I am very proud to know. To be added soon!